Friday, July 31, 2009

we made it to Pierre SD... battled 40mph headwinds at one point but with the help of a passing pickup truck made it out of the gnarly section. we are now camped alongside the missouri river gearing up for a 100 mile day tommorow. by the way the badlands are way bad ass... when we get to minneapolis we will post the pics.


  1. I can only think of the Wizard of OZ when I imagine you bicycling in 40 mph winds. Did you have a little dog, too?

  2. yay guys!! we missed you at arroyo seco today

  3. You guys are really making progress. We are impressed by your strength and determination.
    We had about 1200 bikers come thru Redwood in the TRAM (The Ride Across Minnesota) on Tuesday. It is a fundraiser for Cancer. They stay overnight, get fed by the residents, and then move on by 6am the next morning. They travel 300 miles in 5 days, stopping in three towns along the way. Not nearly the trip you guys are doing. We are enjoying your trip with you. Stay safe and have fun! Ron and Sandy Mannz..Redwood Falls

  4. Hey guys. So, you are approaching the east coast, specifically PA and OH. I have a cousin in New Castle (just North of Pittsburgh) who would be more than happy to have you. My mom has contacted some of her friends in the eastern side of PA, and I have called my grandparents in OH. Everyone LOVES your blog and what you are doing and is more than happy to house you. Call me when you are getting closer to that neck of the woods and, I can give you numbers for some comfort food and warm cots courtesy of the Ashton/Bernardi clan through PA and OH.

    Much love, and good thoughts,