Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gillette WY

New plans! we've been checking out the maps and with the help of our new friends in both buffalo and gillette we have quite an exciting next leg... we plan to ride tomorrow to devils tower, the tall standing center of an ancient volcano. from there we will ride a scenic route to see t-rex stan in hill city and then into mt rushmore nat'l mon. we will continue to head east into the badlands and spend some time off our bikes checking out the sights... tonight, we once again have the luxary of beds, showers and await more pancakes! we also have started to plan a much more northern route through minneapolis and hopefully a ferry (thanks diz) across lake michagan! much more to report when we get to a computer... until then, we are excited and really looking forward to what is ahead.


  1. So wonderful to hear your story. Exuberant spontaneity at a snail's pace. What freedom!
    As far as crossing Lake Michigan goes, taking a ferry rather than a fairy would most likely be the best bet. Both would be darn interesting and while the former would be the most reliable means of transport, the latter would perhaps provide a rich reserve of stories. OK, just messin' with you guys.
    Lots of love from Bob. Here is another thought. Since you are thinking of a more northern route, there are a couple of possibilities for places to stay. Dave and Anne might be in Wisconsin soon. Anne is from Green Bay and has family there. They also go to a cabin on a lake some place nearby. You could give them a call and find out. I also have a cousin named Jim Coleman in Dearborn Michigan who might put you up. You could get his number from Dave, or maybe he could contact them for you. Lots of love from Mom.

  2. Thanks for that! We would love to stay wherever we can. I will have to call your friend in Iowa City back and tell him that we will not be staying there.

  3. We love it.... good plan! That stan t-rex is more than 65 million years old....would love to see it too.And that igneous intrusion is a sacred native american site.Good luck to you,safe journey,and more luxury...houses, beds, pancakes,etc.
    Much love,wes and jj