Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Plan

Hello everyone. We must get on the road so this will be a short post. We wanted to post our new proposed route. Once again, if there are stops along the way that people have friends or acquaintances in, we would love to hear it. Respond on the blog, or call or text Nico at 831-706-6365. Thanks!

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  1. Calen, this is your cousin Chris from maryland. I love what you guys are doing. I'm not sure if you guys plan to cross through maryland at all but i live in downtown baltimore and would love to have you guys for a night or two and hear more about this journey...only about 200 miles south of your final destination, new york.

  2. I like your new plans! Crossing Lake Michigan sounds like a great idea.

  3. Nico, I see that you are coming thru Redwood Falls. Let us know when you plan on getting here, hope your planning on staying with us?
    Glad that you decided to go the Norhtern route. If you have never been in South Dakota, you will find it very beautiful. The scenery changes as you go from west to east. The badlands are very unique, it can get desolate. Long way between towns, make sure you have supplies, water etc. They filmed "Dances with Wolves" in the Black Hills and Badlands. Looking forward to your visit. Ron and Sandy Mannz

  4. Hey Calen and Nico,

    Karissa's dad here - I'm originally from ND/MN and have family throughout that area, mostly centered around Fargo. It looks at this point like you'll be taking a more southerly route, but I just wanted to toss my 2 cents worth at you in the event you're open to changing plans.

    I have an aunt and uncle with a huge country lake house in Frazee, MN, about 60 miles west of Fargo. I lived with them while going to high school and it's an awesome place to spend any amount of time in the summer. If you happened to get anywhere within striking distance of there I'm sure they'd be delighted to provide showers, warm meals, and clean beds for as long as you care to hang around.

    Beyond that, having hitchhiked across the midwest a number of time when I was your age, I can tell you that the further north your route the more rewarding it will be. Southern Minnesota doesn't lack for charm, but frankly mile after mile of prairie can get pretty boring. There's a narrow stripe that runs diagonally from NW to SE across the state that's all deciduous, and north of that you get into very interesting coniferous country. These parts of the state have many more lakes and resorts and you see the prairie dwellers trekking north to vacation throughout the summers.

    Pushing further east, you have the same dynamic. To the south you get boring big cities surrounded by farmland. To the north you have wonderful clean lakes and streams, tremendous fishing, small towns, and great camping. One of the best trips I ever took was through the upper peninsula of Michigan across Highway 2 through northern Wisconsin all the way over to Bemidji, MN and then down through Itasca National Park (Lake Itasca is the headwaters of the Mississippi river).

    If you're at all intersted in diverting this way, let me know and I can get you in touch with my folks in Frazee.

    Scott Willits