Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Idaho-Utah border

we are looking out over bear lake..it sits on the border of utah and idaho.. and wyoming is not too far in the distance. we just spent the last 40 miles going up hill through logan canyon... a beautiful canyon full of wildflowers. towering rock walls. and a really cold river. utahh seemed to go by fast... but idaho will be a flash.. here we come Yellowstone.


  1. Hello courageous dudes! Excuse us if this gets posted twice. Shaky internet connection here.
    If you pass by Chicago on your wauy to NY you may want to give Catlin Barnes a call. I'm quite sure that she would love to see you guys. Here is her info: telephone 630.290.9408 and email info@catlinbarnes.com

    We really enjoyed the image of both of you sailing uphill with a tarp. I think that you guys should call National Public Radio and tell them about your blog. they need to interview you zany boys.
    We send all our love and best wishes. Stay safe. Go,boys,go! Forza ragazzi! Renzo says that he thinks that you will not have a culo left when you arrive in NYC.
    Baci e abbracci,
    Roberto e Donna

  2. Reading your blog has become an exciting and happy ritual for us here... Paulo says it's exciting and fun...like that "shark game", also known as, you know,"the game of shark". Your life-loving adventure makes me feel inspired and happy. Lots of major love to you and continued safe journeys.Wes

  3. Lions and Tigers and Bears--oh my! Or bears, at least! Watch out for the wild life! That gorgesous vista of flowers looks like something out of Oz--Emerald City could be on the horizon.

  4. Hey, There's a nice photo and mention of you guys by some people you met while on that grueling Nevada stretch. Check out their blog entry: http://aliceramsey.org/2009/07/the-loneliest-road-in-america/

  5. hey kaykay hey nico if i were you i would have frolicked in those flowers allday!when you guys get to yellowstone can you string together some bearclaws for me,you now for my birthday?if you guys could revisit anywhere you went where would go?

    please respond at this number
    841 818 9369

  6. So after I got off the phone with you the other day, Calen, I walked right back into the Falafel house to pick up my burger which had been sitting there for more than fifteen minutes getting cold and blissfully soggy. I handed the cashier a ticket and apologized profusely for talking on the phone and ignoring my order with the overzealous explanation that, "My friend called me, and I never get to talk to him because he is biking across the country?" To this she replied, "REALLY!? I have a friend that is doing that too!" As it turns out, she knows Nico through a friend of a friend. I gave her the address for the blog and went on my way...Anyway, just thought that I would let you know that you guys are getting famous around here. Keep truckin!

  7. Wow! I just started reading your blog. Always good to live vicariously through others. Bear Lake is a place I visit annually and in fact, I'm going in a week! It is absolutely beautiful. I hope you got to dip your toes in, at least. I'm always excited whenever anyone else has been to or even heard of Bear Lake. It's not exactly on the beaten path. Logan Canyon is great as well. My great-great-grandfather used to run the water system at the beginning of the canyon where the dams are. Nothing like that good Logan water! Have a great trip!

  8. hey you guys left some road cheese here. there has been hot debate as to whether or not to eat it.
    nice seein' ya'll. the rest of your trip Is going to be sooo The Byrds.

  9. Nico, Calen,
    We know some people in Iowa City who are very open sorts and would most likely put you up for a night or two when they hear of your great adventure. Both painters. He taught at U of Iowa for many years. Now retired. They spend a lot of time in Mexico so could be out of country. Shall I try to contact them and get you their info? We'll try to call soon.
    We send all our love to you both,
    Bob and Donna

  10. Where are you? Update the site more often. Non mollate! Forza ragazzi!

  11. Looks like you are having a blast! We're happy to see your latest posting.
    If you go through Redwood Falls, Minn. you can stay at Marjorie's daughter and son-in-laws, Ron and Sandy Mannz. We check in everyday. grandpa