Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July in Salt Lake City

We are in Salt Lake City, taking a day of rest. Feeling great and stoked that we have finally put a substantial dent in the map. We are staying with some friends right now (Steve and Carrie...thanks again guys), who have generously let us stink up their house a little bit and relax on their couches. It has been really great to have a place stay in the city because we can't just pitch a tent anywhere and camp for the night. We thought that we would post a general proposal of where we will be heading, with the hopes that maybe some of you might have a connection down the road for a place we might be able to stay in some of the bigger cities. The route shown is flexible and we can adjust based upon if we have a place to stay. If anyone thinks they might know someone who would be willing to house us you can respond as a comment on the blog or text message Nico @ 831.706.6365 or Calen @ 831.818.4795 , if not dont worry bout it for we have gotten pretty good at figuring things out as we go. We are leaving tomorrow bright and early, making a beeline for the Grand Tetons. 

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  1. Hey! I'm glad it worked out with Carrie and Steve. I'll talk to you fools soon.

  2. Looks like we will miss you guys!! Darn!! We are renting a house next to Neil's old college buddy in Crested Butte, CO on Friday and Sat. night,(10th and 11th) hiking out to Aspen on SUnday. You could stay with us but it looks like you will be north of that.

    Heather and the rest of the family say Hello from High Sierra!! I have loved my solitude here at home, vacationing in Santa Cruz.
    Love, Christie

  3. You are truly seeing the country every foot of the way! Dad and I check on your blog everyday. I was wondering how you could cross the desert and pack enough water. I haven't seen my Amish friends for nearly 25 years. They are outside of Lancaster, Penn. I looked on Google Earth and the farm is still there. If you told them I was your uncle I'm sure they would let you pitch a tent. We are really excited for you! love John

  4. Hi Calen & Nico, Hope you guys are having a blast! I'm so impressed...because the most I've ever biked is around the small part of our driveway. Well...keep on pedaling! Love, Anya. P.S. Make good choices :-)

  5. neeksters and len scrilllll!
    Your blog is amazing!! I feel like I am reading an amazing novel or something. We just got back from High Sierra last night and you guys were so missed. Everyone was asking where you were and talking about your courage and incredible adventure! Although the festival was amazing, it wasn't the same without you two there. sending energy and love,