Tuesday, July 21, 2009

FWD:Buffalo WY

we made it to the top of powder river pass... 35 miles of 6% grade or steeper up. 30 miles of rolling hills down to buffalo... we are staying with some friends of the rangells now here in town... great people..good food.warm showers. thank you margo and david for having us. thanks paul for introducing us... tommorow we are off to gillette where i think we will have another house to stay at..we are living in luxury.

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  1. Great Picture! Hey guys--Julia Pinsky (friend of mine, former UCSC student of Paul's) said either or both her sister and mom would be happy to put you guys up in South Dakota, and Calen's grandpa just called to say that my cousin Pete in Ohio is on your route and has offered accomodations.