Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hinkley UT

UTAH!! we finally made it out of nevada. crossed the border this morning before 9am.. got interviewed today as a part of a rained on...sailed up hills using a tarp to catch the wind...took a nap in a cave...and rode our first 100 mile day! we are now hunkered up in our tent just outside hinkley..expecting rain tonight and a goods night rest.

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  1. Congratulations on both arriving in Utah and riding a 100mi day! Amazing.Curious about that documentary...napping in a cave..and ....I have a great image in my mind's eye of you sailing uphill on a bike with a tarp to catch the wind! More good days to you both. The godmother and Johnny are sending you good thoughts and vibes.

  2. That was definitely your most picturesque posting yet! We can all sleep better now with visions of your enjoying clear sailing, cool rains, and better food on the horizon. And you're in a new time zone! Wowwie!

  3. Calen and Nico,
    This trip sounds amazing! I am sure there are some challenges but it will be such a huge accomplishment! Have fun and be safe!
    Anne Fogel

  4. Hey guys!! I'm taking off tomorrow for Truckee where I will meet the family, then off to Reno to visit Jimena and Christopher (they bought a house there) remember them? Neil's nephew....then we hope to find a place to go gem hunting (maybe Ely,Nevada!!)where you were. They have garnets there and it is famous for rock hounds like Jack. We plan to go to Arches NP too before we find ourselves in Crested Butte, CO on Friday. We hike from there to Aspen (12 miles over a Gunnison NF(I think that's the name) and stay in Aspen, CO Sunday night at a nice mt. hotel). Then we will drive on Monday, the 13th to Rocky Mtn NP to stay for two nights camping, then off to Grand Tetons on the 15th and hope to backpack there. Love, Christie and all