Friday, July 3, 2009

Map of the route so far

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The next leg that we have a pretty good idea about will take us to
Yellowstone through Logan, from there we head to Buffalo WY,
then to the Badlands in South Dakota.


  1. got buff legs yet?

    and what about ladies... can you boys still woo them with one set of clothes? are there even any ladies to woo?

    keep bike'n i'm sure you'll find some.

  2. I think in this case, more clothes = less ladies.
    But, less clothes = ...hmmm...

    Hey, are you still willing to participate in planting for peace on the way back? I can mail a package to NY with all necessaries?

  3. Hi Calen,, You are basically following same route we took back in 1948, but we did it more comfortably!

    When you get to Jackson Hole WY, check out the Wort Hotel, which had a number of slot machines in the lobby we gave us some needed funds as I recall.

    When you get to Custer SD, be careful of small bridge after a curve just east of towm. That is bridge we were forced off of by oncoming ace and rolle ove twice, totallin car but not us. Al our rescuers had long beards and we wer fearful that we had ended up in the hearafter. It urned out they had a habit of growing beards after Chrstmas for some summer festival. If you see nyone ask if they still do it.

    envy you. PAPA

  4. Hi Calen
    How ironic that you totalled your bike not far from where we totalled our car60 years ago (Custer). Guess our family had better stay out of the Dakotas.

    I am sure it will be easier to fix your bike than our car. we hd to bus the rest of the way.. Good luck, I guess we will excuse you for taking a ferry ride part way.!