Thursday, August 20, 2009

Owen Sound, Ontario

We are making our way south, and have landed in Owen Sound. A cool little town right in Georgian Bay. We've found a library here in town which is great because it not only offers us internet but also a little warmth and cover from the wind and rain. Today was a blast, yet it was a little on the soggy side. We rode about 35 miles in a complete downpour; shirts made no difference and a jacket was too hot, so the whole way we were topless. With lakes in our shoes the size of Superior itself we made it to Owen Sound in time to catch the bike shop for some repairs right before it closed. We just ate some awesome Gyros from this little greek shop which were absolutely delicious and combined with the recent ferry ride we took, sent us right back to the time we spent in Greece. The ferry we took was from South Baymouth on Manitoulin Island to Tobermory. We camped the night before about 50 miles away, and the ferry left at 1:30. Our ride that day felt like a race against the clock. We started out riding at a normal pace, but as the time of departure got closer and closer we began to feel the presssure. The last 15 miles of the ride were an all out sprint, Nico finished first getting to the port at 1:10. Calen was about 5 miles out when his chain jumped off again, shredding more spokes. This time not nearly as bad as in Nevada. He was able to limp the bike the rest of the way arriving at the port at 1:27 just barely in time to buy a ticket and get on. It was hectic.

The riding up here has been great, as Nico says though its the time at the end of the day when we get to camp, cook, and try to sleep that has been the hardest. Our biggest problems have been; the incessant mosquitos who never fail to join us for dinner at the camp, and the sauna like heat and humidity at night complimented by sporatic downpours. Its a weird sensation to be sweating like crazy while lying down as its dumping rain on you at 11 at night. All things aside though we have been figuring it out and have been having a great time. We have met some awesome people, Donn and Anne were a couple in Michigan who were absolutely too kind and cooked us delicious meals let us sleep on their lawn and provided us with tools to fix up our bikes. Recently Nico found this little book in a coffee shop on the free book rack called The Guns of Navarone by Alistair Maclean, apparently it was his favorite movie as a kid. We take turns reading it aloud, and it has now become a part of every lunch break and dinner prep. New York times describes it as "Thrills thrills and more thrills" and I would have to agree.

We dont have any cell service up here in Canada so our next post might be from the states. From here we keep heading south, Niagara Falls will be where we cross the border back into the US and then from there its east to the Hudson and south into Manhattan. We are excited for this final week or so of the trip and are predicting that we will be on schedule to hit the big apple right around sept 1. This should leave us plenty of time to hang out, see the city, and visit family and friends before starting our journey home.
Calen and Nico


  1. Amazing......tons of spectacular sight-seeing, shredded spokes, totaled bike frames, wild weather.....and you are still on schedule!!!

  2. Glad to hear some news.Good luck with this last part of your you wish it wasn't ending?we're with you in thought.... and we love the positivism. xoxcb+jj

  3. Very proud of you boys , wow what journey . I have been away teaching at bible camp near Tracy this summer , so I have some catchen up to do. Your trip does remind me when we lived in South Carolina , and I took my sister patty’s schwin 3 speed bike (girls bike) rode it over the state line to buy some beer . If I remember right better part of nine hours and when I returned the whole house was mad at me my sister cause I stole her bike a girls bike mind you , also got a good licken from my pappy. I have been praying for the both of you and Nico you have always been one of my favorite people. I do hope I can catch a greyhound from Stockton and join the party on Saturday. Remember always read the good book have a pocketknive close and love in your heart. They crossed at the ford to take the king's household over and to do whatever he wished.
    When Shimei son of Gera crossed the Jordan, he fell prostrate before the king
    2 Samuel 19:18 Otto