Monday, August 24, 2009

niagara falls new york

back in the usa.... final state.. final stretch... niagara falls was way more vegas-like then we had imagined... on our way to the ocean now less than 500 miles to go.


  1. Yes! New York State!
    Great talking with you. Glad to hear that you've dried out again.
    The home stretch.Forza!
    lots of love from Bob and Donna

  2. Fantastic you guys, your almost there, how exciting. Still cannot believe you rode all that way on bikes. We bought a travel trailer, just got it home. It is a 28ft Starcraft, has a bedroom, bathroom, kithen etc. Used, but like new. We are excited to do some camping. Not quite like you guys, just alittle bit more comforts!! Ha Ha!! Great going guys!! Have fun driving home! Ron and Sandy

  3. You guys have been one of my favorite summer reads. I will be so sorry to take it off my bookmark toolbar!!! I tell your story whenever I can squeeze it in to a conversation. Well done, men.

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