Friday, August 14, 2009

Marquette Michigan

3000 miles!!! we have made it to marquette, michigan... stoked that we passed our 3000 mile mark .. stoked that we are back alongside lake superior and stoked that i finally got to shave (calen).... we have roughly 1000 miles left and are feeling great.. last night we camped next to Joe a guy who is walking from vancouver island to nova scotia... a real happy dude. we will post a pic of him soon.


  1. Excellent work.
    When will you guys be home? I think we should have a cyclists dinner before school starts.

    I'm in Lebanon searching for a replacement spoke. Hope you have no more bike problems.


  2. hey eddie's going to live on our couch this year

  3. congrats you two! thinking of you both and sending love your way.