Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ironwood MI

we're out of wisconsin and into michigan! we spent some time on the southshore of lake superior and had a fantastic time. we met a wonderful couple (don and ann), also cross country tourists, who lived close to the lake and had a great evening and dinner with them... with sandwhiches prepared they sent us on our way. today we will pass into the new time zone and camp... two more states and one country is all thats left!


  1. Hey Guys, Ironwood is my birthplace, never been there since. You were on the front page of the Redwood Gazette..Very nice article. Saved you a copy. Scanned it and sent it to Mom and Americo. Great picture of you riding around the driveway at our house. We bought a travel trailer today, so we are excited to go camping. Take care and enjoy the rest of your trip..Ron and Sandy

  2.'re almost there! Can't wait to see and talk to you about all of it.xoxCeleste