Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Newark, New York

We are on our way and heading east through New York. We've found this cool route called New York Bike Route 5 and it keeps us on roads that have wide shoulders the whole way to the city. Its been nice to not have to dodge side mirrors or risk it on the super highways. We made it out of Niagara Falls losing only a little money at the casino and headed into the states. The moment we stepped into New York the sky cleared and the air dried up a little bit. We have already met some real friendly people.

But actually, on this whole last leg of the trip we have hung out with and stayed with some amazing folk. In Owen Sound we were slowed by a tornado some 30 miles south of us, and as a result we met Nick and Brad. Two school teachers from the area who were absolutely awesome. We shared some drinks, had some laughs, and ended up sleeping on their lawn. They also treated us to an excellent breakfast the following morning, thanks a lot for the hospitality and good times guys. We were also lucky enough to happen upon a town totally saturated with friendly people, Holstein was the town, and we came through just as the Farmers Market was going on. They forced us to accept, loads of cookies, cinnamon rolls, coffee, and bike repairs all for free. Martin, the local bike mechanic, even invited us for lunch but we unfortunately had to decline for the looming clouds suggested we get the heck on our way.

The end of the trip is in sight, we will continue to follow this bike route along the Erie Canal. We have at least two places along the way where we know we will be able to stay with friends and family. Then into the city and onto the couch. Looking forward to some hardcore veg time.

Tornado Damage in Durham! We were supposed to camp there that night...

Checking out the Erie Canal.


  1. YOU GO, BOYS!! :) I'm so proud and excited for you guys... have loads of fun in NYC and don't get run over by taxis.. .be sure to sing Broadway musicals in the streets as you ride through (maybe you'll get money from tourists!!)and hopefully see you in SEATTLE! :) Love you both sooo much!

    From HEATH

  2. Sounds like you guys are making it- Heck yeah!
    I had my mother send that package because I went out canoeing, so it should be well packed and arrived by now. Also, when are you going to be in Colorado, or wherever, because we want to meet up with you if it can work. We won't be leaving MN till like the 17th or 18th though. Have fun at your brothers show, and finishing the home stretch! We'll talk soon...

  3. It's rain-ing, it's pour-ing
    We're almost done with tour-ing.
    Our legs are dead,
    Every night a strange bed...
    But never has our journey been bor-ing.

    Sing this to the "Old Man is Snoring" song as you slosh through the rain on the home stretch.
    XOXO From your Kinderhythms teacher

  4. Wow. After more than 4000 miles of pedaling, you guys will reach NYC tomorrow. I wish I could be there as you cross over the George Washington Bridge. What an amazing accomplishment!

  5. What an achievement! Make sure to get pictures of those tires touching the Atlantic.xoceleste
    P.S. I'm sure you've been advised about which art museums to check out....but if you have time....the Museum of Natural History is also pretty darn amazing.

  6. Hey guy's... so glad to see you've made it to NY! Also, your take on our community.
    My letter in the Mount Forest Confederate will be coming out tomorrow and as promised I'll be sure to get that out to you.
    Really appreciate the efforts you've both put into this blog. Meeting you has inspired me to try and ride a lil' further each day and pretty soon I'll attempt a ride off the property. WHOA look out !!!

    Anyhow..thanks for that!

  7. WOW you guys are living my dreams! a tornado and everything!!!