Friday, June 19, 2009

Merced County Line

last night we stayed with grandpa.. this old dude who runs some hostel in merced. thanks candice for helpin us out. yesterday was a very hot leg..but we made it. today we are shooting for midpines just past mariposa.. 100 degree we left at 5.30 ..making good time we are taking a breather in the shade of this sign..its the only shade we've seen in 15 miles.


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  2. where's this trip bringing you?
    through new orleans i hope! (for your sake!)
    if you need a place to stay let me know. I have a precious apartment

  3. c.b. and johnny are totally impressed!

  4. Are you talking about me? I'm fairly certain that you are talking about a different Candice because I can't imagine how I might have helped you but anyways...I am so glad that you made it out of CA and are safe so far. I am also super stoked that you are keeping this blog updated because it is awesome to keep an eye out on your progress. You guys rock... wear lots of sunscreen and keep your backs covered. The sun is a mean machine. Much love and positive thoughts~Candice F.