Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Finished Bike!!!

School has just ended. I had my last final this week and had plenty of time to finish up the touring bike! Here are some pictures of it. I completely tore the bike down to the frame, painted it, and reassembled. I replaced most the drivetrain (with the exception of the cluster). Check out the new Sugino XD Crankset!!! nice... I replaced the cables, housing, bar tape, rear brake, and tires. I also threw on some mountain clipless pedals which will be great for touring. All that is left to do is throw on the racks and fill up the bags... We leave in less than one week from now and are pretty much prepared. We have a few last minute items to get but will be on our way soon!!! Heres the pics:

The complete bike!

New Crankset

Rear end/New Brake/New Tire

Me stoked on the first ride on the complete bike (photo props to Candice)

Another shot of me on the bike.


  1. Wow man.. great job on the bike. I really like that color.

  2. Wow, arent you a pansy man, real men would ride a fixie...