Sunday, June 28, 2009

Austin NV

austin . NV ... doing well. we just showered at a community pool. first shower in 8 days.. 5 days of desert camping gets you pretty dirty. we are waiting out the heat .. ready to ride again around 5. havent had much cell service.. let alone anything recently.. looks like eureka will be our next chance to shop at a grocery store.. til then more gas stations. yesterday we were stoked to find a little bar in middlegate that had the best burger we have had yet.. and some of the friendliest people in NV. well weve got some high passes and long stretches ahead but we are feeling good and are excited to be in utah by the end of this week.


  1. Good luck to you've got a good strategy to beat the heat. We're cheering you on and thinking of you. Much love, CB&Johnny

  2. Hey guys- we're in Citta di Castello checking out your progress. Very exciting to catch up on your great adventure. Wish you were here or I was there, but doubt seriously that I could keep up. Went on a good 30 kilometer ride with Langdon the other day and it may me think of all the miles you have gone. Forza ragazzi!
    lots of love,
    Bob and Donna
    P.S. And don't you go so fast anymore! 50 mph?!! Basta!!