Monday, September 7, 2009

New York City, NY

Well we have made it! Sorry for the delay, but about one week ago, on tuesday we made it into NYC. The trip into the city was fantastic. We were able to follow a bike route all the way that took us across three different bridges from upstate into Brooklyn; Bear Mountain Bridge-George Washington Bridge-Brooklyn Bridge. As soon as we got into the city we were able to head to some family friends of Nico's, Charlie and Kim. They have been absolutely wonderful, providing us a home base and a place to chill. The moment we got here we were able to shower, sit down, and just relax. After a day or so staying with them, we headed up north to visit some family of Calen's. With our motivation to bike almost tapped, and a tighter timeline, we were lucky enough to have the luxury of driving a car, in fact its the same car that is going to get us back to California. Anyway, we have been able to really put a dent into the list of family members of Calen's to visit and we've had a blast visiting everyone. We stayed with Grandparents in Millbrook, and on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, and spent some time with uncles in Manhattan and in Connecticut. We arrived back from Mass. on Saturday just in time to catch Nico's brothers show. Vince plays in an awesome band called Ikebe Shakedown, who put on an excellent show and are a really cool crew, tonight we are going to see them play again. Yesterday, Sunday, we spent the day roaming the city made it out to the Museum of Modern Art, and caught a show at one of the movie theaters in Brooklyn.

Now that we are officially done with the trip we have been able to really look back on the time we spent in the road, and have a little bit of perspective on everything. We couldn't have hoped for a better trip really. The amount of hospitality and kindness we experienced was beyond anything we expected, completely restored our faith in the USA. Thank you everybody who helped us out on the trip it really made our experience that much better. Those delicious cooked meals, and warm showers were a real treat.

Here are some stats from the trip:

Total Miles: 4358
Miles Pedaled: 4148.7
Miles in Car: 210
Total Days: 76
States Visited: 12 (CA,NV, UT, ID, MT, WY, SD, MN, WI, MI, NJ, NY)
Countries Visited: 2 (USA, CAN)
No. of nights of paid sleeping: 10, 2 hotels
Flat Tires: 27
No. of Inner Tubes: 13
No. of bikes: 3
No. of tires: 5
Hamburgers eaten: 89
Loaves of Bread: 30
Farts: 72,643
Showers: 18
Gallons of Water drank: 286
Mosquito bites: 87,534,621

We are planning on spending the next couple of days here in the city and heading out on Thursday. We will be driving back along a much more southern route, and visiting some of the places we were unable to visit. This trip has been an amazing experience that we will never forget and we will continue to look back on for years to come.

-Calen and Nico


  1. Congrats!
    I am immensely impressed, but was it really necessary to tally your farts?
    Have a safe drive home.

    PS Not a single flat yet! (knock on wood).

  2. Oooh. Only 18 showers in 76 days? Whoa. No more comment.

  3. I was just about to say the same thing about the showers!! haha. Great work boys, we are all proud!

  4. Congratulations guys!! What an accomplishment. So glad that we were part of your trip. We, also will remember your trip for a long time.
    Ron was mostly impressed with the number of "farts"!! Just kidding, your sooo funny!!! Really impressed by your accomplishments. So many interesting things you must have seen. Over 4,000 miles pedaled, most people don't drive that far on a trip. Sent a copy of the front page newspaper article printed about you to my Mom. Asked her to send a copy to Nicos parents. Have a continued safe trip home. Sandy and Ron Mannz

  5. Hey guys,

    I'm sending a letter I said I'd write to our local newspaper. I think it would be interesting for all of us to read any others sent to you, as mentioned above. Just a thought.

    Glad to read that you've met your journey's end safely.

    All the best in your futures