Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back Home

Finally settled into real life. Nico is down in San Luis Obispo and Calen in Santa Cruz, school is underway for both and reality fully kicking in. Its been 24 days since the biking ceased and already the trip is seeming distant, however the time has allowed us to gain some perspective on the whole trip and we are able to finally reflect. The trip in every way was a success, and was as a whole an unforgettable experience. Thank you everyone for following the blog, your support and encouragement was invaluable and helped make the trip that much better. We have already begun planning the next trip, but until then its back the real life with walls windows floors and a little less biking.

Calen and Nico

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  1. Hi Nico and Calen, Thank you so much for the pic you sent to me. So glad you liked and remembered your trip through rural Nevada and your stop at our settlement in Middlegate. I have just begun to get through your blog but am finding it quite enjoyable. You may keep in touch with me for any further trips this way GOOD JOB, WELL DONE Kathy